“The World’s a Stage”

Do we ever truly know someone? I think not. I don’t think that it is possible for any of us to truly know someone, not even ourselves. You see, I think that the self is a process, as I have stated in some other blog, which makes it impossible for anyone to get to know another person. Haven’t you heard your friends or your parents tell you that you have changed? What about your partners? they will probably notice the changes the most, which is why many marriages end.You can see this when people use that phrase “you are not the same person I fell in love with.”
But,there is another side to this coin. We, as humans, never show what we don’t want others to see. In other words we only show to people what we want them to see. This characteristic of human nature reminds me of that famous quote “the world’s a stage” and indeed, the world is a stage, and we all get to play a role in life.Where we play a character that is always mindful of his/her actions, and that will always try to think everything that is said, not because of the possibility of hurting someone, but because we are always conduction some sort of damage control in our brains.

I also think that we are afraid of taking off the masks, I think that we are afraid of people getting too close to who we really are. We keep people intentionally away so that way we wont get hurt by others. Because of this  knowing someone is something that is impossible, and even if you get to “know” someone deeply, that doesn’t mean that you will understand that person. I guess this game will not end any time soon, and we all need to keep up our charade, otherwise, we might become individuals hated by society.
I think that the reason why we won’t truly show ourselves is not only because we are afraid of people hurting us, but because we are afraid of society. Because society works is such a way that those who are different, think different, believe different, dress differently or do anything in a different way than the pre-set conditions imposed upon us by society will be rejected, hated, discriminated, or even jailed (there was a time in which homosexuality was a crime). So in order for us to keep on living among our peers, we will  show that part of ourselves that we think society will like, or we will need to create a mask that will appeal to society.