Support the Troops

I was on my way to college last Tuesday, and I noticed that the car in front of me has a sticker that reads ” I support the Troops.” My reaction was “Well, that’s nice.” But then I thought about it some more. What does it mean to support the troops? How do you support the troops anyway? I’ve thought about this for a while now, and I reached a simple conclusion, you support the troops by being supporting. Now that seems like a really stupid thing to say; obviously you support the troops by being supportive of them,however, what I mean by that is something far more essential for our service men and women. I doubt that a sticker int he bumper of the a car can really be called support for our service men and women. I think that the only person you are supporting by buying those stickers are the sticker makers (factory?).

I think that there is a better way to support our troops than just buying stickers and putting them in our cars. How about petition the government to create more GI bills to help our troops re-integrate to society and put the skills that they learned in the army to work for society;or demand that our troops are better equipped,with better supplies (enough supplies at least) and better body armor so that they can fight more “safely.” Or how about extending their health care? writting letters to our senators and congressmen, sign a petition to government asking for all of these things, taking care of our veterans so that they don’t end up homeless in the streets like many veterans from Vietnam. I think that this Memorial weekend we can all write a letter to our Senator (even the president) asking for all of these things, showing our support for them by doing something more than just buying a sticker. Even if you are against the war, our troops deserve our appreciation and support.