Evolution- Unfinshed draft, with a lot of mistakes.

Imagine that you are a teacher of history, and you are teaching your students about the Roman civilization. Now, imagine that a kid raises his/her hand and tells you that the Roman civilization is not real, that it’s just a theory. You, as a teacher, will have to take time out of your class to explain that the Roman civilization did indeed existed. The evidence that exist is irrefutable and indisputable. Now, we all know that no one will really do that in class; well; at least no one will do it seriously thinking that there was no roman civilization. But now imagine that you are a teacher of European history, and that you are teaching them about the Holocaust, and how terrible and despicable it was, but just when you are doing that a student raises his/her hand and tells you at the Holocaust never happened, that it’s something that the Zionists created to guilty the Western powers into creating Israel. Holocaust deniers are real, that they are successful at presenting their arguments as well researched and educated. Now, imagine that these people are able to lobby congress, state legislatures, city councils, and boards of education into forcing teachers to teach the alternative theory, that there was never a Holocaust, and that it was something created by the Zionists . Now, stop imagining, this is something that is happening with science in this country. Creationist all over the country are claiming that Evolution is just a theory, and that it should either not be taught at all, or that creationism should be taught as an alternative explanation in a science class. These people have been lobbying Congress and state legislatures and boards of education into forcing teachers to do this.

Creationists argue that Evolution is just a theory, that there is not proof of Evolution. Most of the arguments that they use to validate their point are based on misunderstandings of Evolution. They argue that there is not evidence for evolution, while in fact there is tons of evidence actually proves evolution. We have fossil records, some of which show the complete transition of a primitive animal into the modern horse, we also recent examples of evolution, for instance, when viruses develop immunity to antibiotics or when old viruses develop new strains, like the HIV virus, or mosquitoes that develop resistance to DDT. These are just a few examples of the tons of evidence that proves that Evolution in not “just a theory,” it’s a scientific fact. One of the misunderstandings about the term theory that creationist have is that they don’t understand, or have a different definition of theory. There are many definitions of theory, but there are two that are relevant to us right now. The first one, which is the definition that the scientists use, when scientist use the word theory they mean to say that it’s a statement that explains a group of facts and observations, in other words they have the facts and evidence first and then they draw their conclusions based on that evidence. So, in scientific terms, a theory implies that something has been proven and is generally accepted as being true. While the definition used by the creationists makes it sound as if a scientific theory was just a that it is a mere guess, or is unproved. It might even lack credibility. That definion is a lot like the definiton of hypothesis, which is just an educated guess based on observation.


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