I Want The Government Out of Everything!

Well, as you can see a lot of people want the government to get out of everything. Obviously, they fail to specify what everything means, if it indeed means anything at all. Let’s see, perhaps they want the government to not regulate the food industry, that way, they can get food poisoning without the government’s help.Perhaps they don’t want to send their kids to schools or colleges where the government provides financial aid and students grants and loans; or maybe they want the government not to fix the roads and highways that allow them to reach their jobs and destinations.

These people are so deluded that they cant really think straight. One guy there screamed freedom!, what freedom is he talking about? What freedom is the government taking away from him by reforming health care? None. Perhaps, the only freedom that they are fighting about is the freedom to manage their own wealth. However, these people most likely want the government to do a lot of things without them having to pay for anything. They probably want the roads and highways to be in a perfect condition so that they can travel smoothly on them, but they don’t want to pay for that. They don’t want to pay for the services that they do want. Probably the only thing that they want the government to do and they would be willing to pay for it is to allow prayers in school, and have the teacher read the bible to children.

If these people are so adamantly defending the “freedoms” that they have, then where were they 8 years ago when The Patriot Act was passed? Where were they when Bush tried to amend the Constitution to ban gay marriage? What has changed in the last 8 years? Oh! that’s right the political party of the person in charge, and the color, we should never forget that Obama isn’t white. It wasn’t fascist for Bush to evesdrop in the conversations of the people, or to know what books you check out from the library; but it is fascist of Obama to do… to do what? OH that’s right to bail out the banks… wait… didn’t Bush bailed out the banks? Oh, I know A.I.G … wait, Bush bailed out A.I.G. I know! the auto industry, that’s what he did, god damned fascist, preventing the auto industry from failing so that thousands of families wouldn’t go without. Damn socialist taking away my freedom to do… my freedom of… not paying taxes… that’s right, that’s the freedom that I want to keep, because I know that the 4th amendment is worth nothing as long as I don’t have to pay taxes and get all the things I want the government to do for me without me paying for it. Obama is both a fascist and socialist… and I think he might be communist too… They all mean the same thing,right?



  1. Obama is also the anti-Christ and has Hitler’s brain.

  2. In that video it looks like they took a sample of the stupidest 10% of the people at that tea party and made a montage of their idiocy. Even the correspondent was actively grilling them about their arguments. Bias aside, of course there are going to be people who feel disenfranchised when their political party fails to take office, and often at times that may manifest in spirited protests and displays like this one, but even if some of them aren’t so good at wording it appropriately, they do have a point: massive increase in government regulation and the increase of government involvement in citizens lives is going to require an appropriate increase in revenue to pay for it, primarily through tax dollars. People with a libertarian mindset are often fervently opposed to the idea of having significant portions of the compensation that their job pays out to them funneled into the payment of these group programs. Granted, we NEED taxes and we NEED to have these programs, those shown in this video who deny that seem to bear a lack of understanding of basic economics, but many people would like to increase the privatization of these constructs instead of seeing them taken over by government. Of course we need an education system to ensure that future generations get a heads-up and basic understanding of the world, but post-secondary(college) education ought not be the focus of government funds. I’m a college student myself, and I pay my way with a scholarship and help from my (lower middle class) family, and also work part time at a call center for extra money to party and stuff. Don’t get me wrong, financial aid is intended (and rightfully so) for those who want to go to college and cannot afford to do so otherwise, and it is a good thing that my tax dollars to go fund programs like that which do help people better themselves, I have no problem shelling out for that, but when people like myself and many of my friends qualify for financial aid… and our FAFSA forms offer us literally THOUSANDS of dollars BACK after tuition books and fee’s every semester, which many of my friends are obliged to accept, and many people are openly endorsing the idea of making private college *free* courtesy of the American tax payers money…something is definitely wrong.

    tl;dr We need these programs, we need regulation, we need to pay taxes, but we need about 25% less of all of the above.

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