many times I have heard that the government is increasing its size at an alarming pace, that its becoming a socialist (some call it fascist) government. What strikes me as odd is that they arent really complaining about the size of government at all. When you ask them whether they think that we should increase spending for defense they are all for it, or if we should increase the size of the police or the number of prisons, apparently not realizing that these organizations are part of the government.
Something else that deeply worries me is that the same people that want the government to decrease its size while somehow increasing some of its branches (amazingly enough the branches that are used to control the population) also want to control individual actions. these people want government to control who people marry, or the sexual behavior of people, or what they do with their bodies, and if they had the power to do it, they would also control the religion of people.
I think that the government should not meddle in the business of the people. That includes the right to marry whomever you want. What is more intrinsically connected to the individual pursuit of happiness than the right to marry choose who you marry? What is more important to the individual liberties than the right to drink, or smoke, or do with your body whatever you want (it is your body after all)


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