I definitely don’t believe in a god, the idea of god makes no sense, at least not the judeo-christian god, the qualities we subscribe to god make it impossible for him to be real, or to meet all the qualities that that religion has given him. They say that he is almighty, and all goodness and all knowing; these qualities don’t fit the real world. If god was all powerful and all goodness then there would be no evil, and I know that Christians will argue that we have free will and that god doesn’t not intervene in the things we humans do.Let’s say that I give you that point, but that doesn’t explain natural evil. The earth quakes, the tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamies, blizzards, hail, and bush fires that kill thousands are natural disasters that god created; remember that “not even a leaf in a tree moves without god allowing to” so how do account for that? If god was an all knowing being he would know the consequences of natural disasters. How about the horrors of WWII? All the Jewish people who died, god allowed them to die. Now, you can say that god does not intervene with the freedom of people, but an all knowing god would know that Hitler was going to kill all the people he killed, not to mention all the little kids and babies who were killed during the Holocaust, god should’ve known that he was creating them just to get killed. Like the first born of Egypt, who was only five years old, not only him, but every single first born from the pharaoh’s son to the slave’s.


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