What is Truth

I don’t know if there is a philosophical question regarding truth, nor do I think many of us think of truth as something that can be questioned. The nature of truth itself eliminates the need to question it, because if something it’s true then it would be useless to question it given that it’s true. However, I think truth is subjective to every human. Take for instance a book review, let’s say that your friend read a book and she/he tells you : “This is a really good book”  this is a simple statement, she assures you that the book is a good read, and she believes this to be true. However, once you read the book you think that the book was awful. Was she lying to you when she told you that the book was good? No, was she telling the truth? Yes, in her mind she thinks that the book is good, and the goodness of the book is a fact. So, is truth subjective?   a definition of truth in a dictionary will tell you that truth is “Conformity with fact or reality;verity.” or “Actuality or actual existence,” and many other definitions along those lines.

But, I think that this makes my theory of the subjectivity of truth real. Reality is relative to each individual, like the example I provided earlier, where your friend thought that the book was good but you didn’t think that the book was good. Given that reality can (and most of the times is) relative to each individual truth can be relative to each person as well. If you tell me that the sky is green, and you were raised thinking that the sky is green you are telling me the truth. The fact that I presume to know that the sky is blue doesn’t make it a reality for you, more specifically, it doesn’t make it a reality for the person who has been raised to think that blue is green, or a daltonic person, who can’t differentiate colors. These are simple things that no one cares about, but imagine a person who believes everything she says (and we know that a lot of the things she says are lies) however, she believes her own lies, is she lying? perhaps, she is lying in our eyes, but in her own mind she thinks that all the things that she is saying are in fact true. Or take for instance a person whose reality differs from ours greatly (like an insane person or something like that) his reality is different for our own, despite that, he believes that everything that he sees and hears is true. So, at the end truth may be nothing more than something that is subjective to each person, just as reality is subjective to each person.  Remember that your senses could be fooled or that all of this is a dream, since you can only know that you were dreaming the moment you wake up (and have you ever had those dreams where you wake up within a dream?) so, if you can’t be sure that what you perceive as reality or that your brain is not in some jar where you senses are being stimulated through a machine, you cannot be sure that what someone is telling you is true or a lie.

At the end truth can only be subjective to each person, since you cannot know what the other person is thinking at the time he or she is making a statement. Reality is something that you can’t be sure of, given that it is also subjective to each individual. which leads me to conclude that truth,reality,and knowledge are things of which none of us can be 100% certain of.


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