How do you know?

How do you know that the world is real? How do you know if the things that you touch,hear,or smell are real?
Your senses can be fooled, they can be altered and changed, they can be created by machines as well. Or all of this could be a dream ,have you ever had those dreams that you wake up within the dream? and to top it of, you don’t know that is it a dream until you wake up, which could happened within a dream, so how can you be absolutely certain of the world around you? the only thing that you can be certain of is that you exist, because you think. You know “I think therefore I am” the reason why is because your thoughts can’t be controlled by anything (they could be influenced,and guided certain way but not completely controlled). Given that, how do you know that you know? what is knowledge? how do you know that you know?

It is hard to know anything, most of our knowledge comes to us by our senses (reading books, listening to a lecture in class, watching some documentary in Discovery channel or something like that). Like I have said in another post truth  and reality are relative to each individual. We realize that this is real, in a court of law witnesses are the most unreliable evidence there is because flaws in the subjects memory, or his/her insincerity, but most important they are unreliable because of the subjects perception. For these reasons such statements must be subjected to a cross-examination and must be made in front of a jury or a judge. So, if this element of human nature in embedded in our legal system, it should also be considered by everyone of us. This leads me to conclude that what one person is saying maybe true in his reality or perception, but that doesn’t make it real or factual. Therefore, you should consider everything that is said to you, never assume that the things someone tells you are real (not even your parents, and especially not your teachers or professors). I guess that concludes this blog…


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