We are defined by others

you know, we are defined by others.
in some way or another, as a rejection of what they are or acceptance of what they are. We define ourselves as we define others, we categorize ourselves into groups, and if we dont fit those groups or conventions that society has created then we become rejects, or we are deemed ‘weird” as if the people that are condemning us are “normal” What is normal? what is it the things that we consider to be normal anyway? The things that society dictates that are normal? so to be normal you have to be a mindless drone following the pack and if you dare to be different you become and outcast? Why is it that we have come to depend so much on what people think about you? What do we fear? Do we fear isolation? is it because we need others to define ourselves? is it because our personalities depend on what we see in others? depending on what you see in others and accept or reject of them you become someone else.
so at the end of all what are we? Are we really a process? do we really change constantly, or are we just what others perceive as something that we aren’t anymore? We ourselves don’t realize whether we change or not, however, others do. So, if the self is a process that is always changing then only ones who realize that are others, and because of that we are defined by them.


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