Who or what are you?

What is the self? What are you,and how do you define what you are? Are you your memories? views? your body?
What indeed is the self? There are many theories as to what the self is and isn’t. the animalistic view says that you are your body. But, if your body changes then you aren’t you anymore.Could it be that your memories are what makes you you?What if you have an accident and lose all your memories, what then? are you not you anymore? No, you will always be what someone else makes of you. Everything you are is defined by other people; the ones that have the biggest influence in who you are, and who you will become are your parents. Sometimes one parent will have more influence than the other depending on who spent more time with you when you were a little kid. So next time you wonder who you are, look at those who surround you, your friend, you parents, your mate, anyone that has some sort of relationship with you. When you do that ask yourself this question: How alike am I to them, and how unlike them am I? because what you are is not only an absorption of the behaviors of the people around, it is also a rejection of their behaviors that makes you YOU.


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