Who or what are you?

What is the self? What are you,and how do you define what you are? Are you your memories? views? your body?
What indeed is the self? There are many theories as to what the self is and isn’t. the animalistic view says that you are your body. But, if your body changes then you aren’t you anymore.Could it be that your memories are what makes you you?What if you have an accident and lose all your memories, what then? are you not you anymore? No, you will always be what someone else makes of you. Everything you are is defined by other people; the ones that have the biggest influence in who you are, and who you will become are your parents. Sometimes one parent will have more influence than the other depending on who spent more time with you when you were a little kid. So next time you wonder who you are, look at those who surround you, your friend, you parents, your mate, anyone that has some sort of relationship with you. When you do that ask yourself this question: How alike am I to them, and how unlike them am I? because what you are is not only an absorption of the behaviors of the people around, it is also a rejection of their behaviors that makes you YOU.


Thoughts on libertarianism and liberalism.

I think that if we are to become a libertarian society (which is in fact impossible, given that we give up some of our liberty when we are taxed, and when we allow police and armies to exist; by the way I’m not against the Army or the police force, although they do sometimes abuse their power. A libertarian society is one in which people are free to do as they please so long as they do not interfere with my freedom; by having police and armies we are giving up freedom for security, which is why there will never be a completely libertarian society) But if we are to have a more ‘free” society personal choices have to be respected. That is regarding same-sex marriage. Now, regarding abortion, I think that if people use it as a birth-control method just shows a complete lack of personal responsibility and ethics; at the same time, people who are victims of rape should not be forced to have something that they didn’t want to have to begin with. On top of that, I don’t believe gov’t has any right to tell you what to do with your body; which is why I think that Roe v Wade is a sound ruling. Our society has devoted so much energy into fighting and disagreeing with one another, that we have lost sight of the real important issues that are consuming our country. The only way to solve this is not by bickering with the opposite party or completely denying all the things that conservatives or liberals believe in. In fact, our society becomes better when we accept the difference in our society, regardless of beliefs, creeds, political affiliations, and sexual orientation. When we realize that feminist value their reproductive rights as much as Christians value their right to worship, when conservatives recognize that creating massive amounts of debt to give tax cuts to the wealthy doesn’t help the economy, and in fact is irresponsible, that the burden of paying off that massive debt cannot be place upon the backs of the poor, when they realize that foreign policy decisions should be based on facts and not some wishful thinking (Audacity 37). When liberals realized that gov’t sometimes is problem as Reagan so simply stated it, when they realize that abortion should not be a birth-control method, but a last resort option.When we achive that we will finally see past our differences and be able to work and get things working once again.